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My name is probably no longer a secret. You probably clicked on it or wrote it in your browser… I bet you are not here for my sense of humor but because you are looking for someone who can help you express a creative vision. Lucky you ! Rumor has it I’m funny, creative and my name is Mohamed Houssein, just in case you followed a bitly url.
Well, I love what I do and I’ll be glad to tell you more about it.

Practice Makes Perfect

Experienced photo and videographer

When it started

I got interested in photography in 2011 during my law studies, it helped me to hold on. Since then I graduated (yes I’m kinda proud), I started a career in my field and photography has never left me.


Since my beginnings, just like many novice photographers out there, I shot stones and tree trunks during long walks in the woods… Then practice and perseverance allowed me to shoot artists on and out of stage, models, newlyweds, restaurant chefs, fashion designers and some narcissistic friends (we all know some).


Encounters inspired me and led me to film photography then to videography. These new artistic dimensions helped me to perfect my craft. Since then I think about image in a more organic, more natural way. People and their emotions, light (often natural) take a prominent place.

Knowledge is everything

My Skills

Digital photography

I believe that new technologies offer us endless possibilities. I’m able to shoot digital in all situations and I fully master studio techniques.

Film photography

I generally use film photography in portrait situations. Film is more tolerant and vibrant, it helps to reveal materials, brings depth and I find it more pleasant in natural light. Check my film photography work in the projects page.


Despite being extremely demanding, I enjoy shooting videos. This approach opens so much possibilities in terms of direction, camera operation and editing. Video is more than ever a wise choice for digital communication. I’ll be more than happy to guide you through the process.

We made it together


I have been fortunate enough to work with so many great people on inspiring projects. I thank them for their trust. I hope you will be one of them !

take a look at my portfolio


Here are some of my latest projects. If you want to see more of my work click on the button below or go to the projects page.